FunkedUP Products

FunkedUP Distribution carries a variety of products to help you get better results with your furniture paint and DIY project.

From a quality line of Italian made brushes, to Funky knobs for your dresser, FunkedUP has a growing line of products available.


Below is a list of products we offer. Simply click on the picture to discover more about a particular product category.


FunkedUP Knobs

Looking for decorative and funky knobs for your dresser or furniture project?

FunkedUP Distribution stocks over 100 different knob styles including Glass knobs, Kids knobs, Ceramic knobs, Lace knobs, Wooden knobs, Black knobs, Floral knobs, Paintable Iron knobs, Metallic knobs and more.

You can find FunkedUP Knobs at one of our retail locations, or inquire about getting set up to purchase wholesale directly from our warehouse.

To browse our knobs catalog, check out the complete line of FunkedUP Knobs here.

DIY Wood Kits

Want to build your own paintable home decor project?

FunkedUP has designed simple projects that are perfect for paint workshops and to help you get started with your new painting hobby.

Choose from popular wood designs such as an Arrow, Shelf, Serving Tray and more.

See how it works and check out all of our DIY Wood Kit designs here.

Vintiquities Brushes

If you’re working with a chalk based paint, then you’ll want a special, higher quality brush to get the best results on your furniture painting project.

Vintiquities Finest Quality Brushes are made in Italy and designed specifically for use with chalk based paint.

With 70% natural bristles and 30% synthetic, the brushes hold more of a thicker, chalk style paint which allows painters to get better coverage with their brush.

You can learn more about the Vintiquities Finest Quality Brushes here.

Decorative Art Rollers

Are you looking to add a design to your piece of furniture?

Decorative Art Rollers allow you to easily roll through your paint, leaving a beautiful and unique design pattern on your project.

You don’t need any experience using the rollers. Each roller comes with a handle.

With many different patterns to choose from, you’ll find the Decorative Art Rollers to be fast, fun and easy!

Learn more and check out some of the designs from Decorative Art Rollers here.


FunkedUP Stencils

Over 30 designs of stencils available for your next furniture paint project. We carry small 5×5, medium 8×8 and large 11×11 stencils.

Easily add a design to the corner of your project, or your complete project using paint or plaster with your stencils.

Learn more and check out some of the designs from FunkedUP Stencils here.