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APC 'dollar bill' and 'voyage'

Project Inspiration

Beach Glass, Silver MICA Powder & Clear Wax My seven year old was the one who painted the overall surface and I did the stencilling and wax. I love that I am able to include my children in painting projects without the worry that they may inhale toxic fumes. Jennifer Proude, Pincher Creek, AB Dark…

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What is Chalk & Clay Paint?

Forget about Sanding, Priming & Messy Prep Work! Chances are you’ve got some outdated furniture at home. Maybe it’s your mom’s old dresser taking up space in your garage; or maybe it’s the 1980’s bar stools in your home that you’ve been meaning to replace with something new. But before you sell it off at a garage sale…

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Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.57.07 AM

15 Project Ideas to Repaint Your Furniture & Home Decor

Here are 15 different projects completed by myself and others! Most of this stuff was either picked up from the local buy & sell, or just old furniture we had at home. And the best part as you’ll notice is that chalk & mineral paint sticks to ANY SURFACE and you can paint in your house…

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9 Important Things You Should Know about Clay, Chalk & Mineral Paint

Looking to get started with American Paint Company products? Repainting your old furniture and decor can be fun, therapeutic, and cost effective. However, if you’re just getting started using Clay / Chalk / Mineral based paint for the first time, then there are 9 important things you should know. 1) Clay Paint is Thick If…

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