American Paint Company Finishes

American Paint Company offers all natural, eco-friendly finishes to put that special touch on your furniture project.

From giving your piece some bling with Mica Powder and Metallix Paint, to adding a popular ‘stained furniture’ look with APC Glaze, there is a wide range of finishing products available to use.

APC’s Glaze Finish

APC’s Glaze

Use American Paint Company’s Glaze to create a decorative finish, create a ‘stain’ like look, and add detail to your painted furniture piece.

Glaze is a highly versatile and highly concentrated waterborne Glaze.

Completely all-natural, there’s no need to worry about offensive odours while using Glaze indoors.

It’s best to apply Glaze over APC’s Top Coat sealer.

Glaze comes in Black or Brown color, and in a large 16 oz. bottle or smaller 8 oz. bottle.

Check out more pictures of American paint Company’s Glaze Finish here.

Metallix Paint

Metallix Paint

If you’re looking to add a shimmer to your furniture piece, then you’ll want to use some of APC’s Metallix Paint!

APC offers one of the only All-Natural and Eco-Friendly Metallix paints on the market.

Choose from 7 different Metallix Paint colors for your project.

There are two ways you can use the Metallix Paint.

1) The first way is by applying the paint directly on to your piece of furniture. One thing to note is that Metallix paint is translucent. Meaning you can almost see through the first layer so, if you are going to use it as a paint you will need 4-6 layers.

2) The second way you can use the product is as a finishing embellishment. Meaning you simply apply the Metallix paint after you have used APC’s Clay/Chalk/Mineral paint. Using this method you will only need 1-2 coats. EXAMPLE: Amber Waves of Grain & Gold Metallix Paint.

Check out more pictures of American Paint Company Metallix Paint here.

MICA Powder

MICA Powder

Add some sparkle and blink to your project with APC’s MICA Powder!

MICA Powder comes in 5 different colors including Black, Gold, Pewter, Silver and Copper.

MICA can be added to our Vintage Antiquing Waxes, Top Coat, Paint and Glaze.

MICA will add a subtle hint of shimmer to your piece or it can be pounced on directly to your freshly waxed piece to give an intense Mica effect.

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